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During my school days specifically during my college days I was chosen to be the representative of our department when it comes to beauty and brain competition. Among my batch mates I was blessed to have the best ass. It was a gift that I treasured the most in my whole life. It started to develop during my puberty days and as the days goes on and on it becomes bigger and firmer than I never expected. I am so happy with what it brings to me. It enhances my self-confidence even better that I could feel so much appreciation and proud of myself that I am blessed with such an amazing ass.

While growing it was my secret desire to be part of the best escorts all over London that is London escorts. Since young I secretly looking into their magazines websites. I do really love the one in there wearing such classy and elegant attire and with so hotness and sexiness in their aura. While looking into I had that innermost desire of hoping and wishing that someday I would myself into that magazine as a London escorts personality. It was a very big secret dream in my heart. When I took up college I merely seen magazines that I used to look at during my high school days for my schedules then were not so tough. But when i am into college my schedules were pre-occupied and there were so many things that I must focus on before anything else. I even go home late due to the making of requirements and meeting up some deadlines and homework’s and research that could only be done inside the library in the school that I am in with.

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My parents will get angry on me sometimes for they merely seen me at home. I will just go home for sleep and I need to wake very early in the morning to back to school. But my parents do understand how busy my schedules are they were just angry of me not taking a rest with my studies. They even bring me sometimes food and clothes for change for I can’t afford to go home and I need to stay overnight in school and in my classmate’s house for a candle burning review for exams. M college days were tough that I even lose some weight but there is this one thing in my body part that never loses its size it’s my ass. It still remains big and firm that is natural gifted big ass is so real that whenever you will get more weight still it manages to remain its size no matter what.

After enduring the tough schedules that I had with my college days I finished with highest honors and after I graduated I decide to pursue for a graduate school study so I didn’t look for work for I was granted to study for free in the university that I am with and with a monthly allowance and sounds it big. So I grabbed the opportunity. After another four years of almost every night burning candles I had finished it with highest honors and recognition again. So I was hired to be on top on my first job after 5 years of working being the head of the company that I am connected with I never found happiness at all. There is that emptied happiness in my heart. So I decide to stop working and search for that happiness in myself and in my heart.

After a year of searching lately then I had found out that it was being a London escorts personality is what I’ve been longing for. So I joined the team and I found the happiness that I’ve been looking for all my life.   Now I work for London escorts clients love booking me to stare at my fantastic ass. The best asset that I have helped me found that happiness that I am trying to look for since I was young. Now I’m giving justice to what it deserves and it gives me so much of pleasure, satisfaction and joy.



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